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The all new Jusha smart group consultation display combines the latest medical display design and technologies, meeting the DICOM grayscale standard, and could be used for group consultation, image reading, teaching or remote diagnosis.

The all new Jusha smart group consultation display combines the great medical display design and technologies, meeting the DICOM grayscale standard, and could be used for group consultation, image reading, teaching or remote diagnosis.



1. High resolution

Jusha report and audit display is paired with 8MP resolution, which can present the medical image precisely. From 1MP DSA image to 5MP mammography, they all can be displayed in the monitor perfectly, and guarantees a good compatibility with wide range of device.


2. High luminance

The luminance of JUSHA professional medical display can reach up to 500cd/m2. With the combination of high luminance and great contrast, a significant sense of depth is formed, perfect for locating the nidus.


3. High grayscale

The monitor has a 16-bit LUT table, which can express 65536-grade grayscale, and provides a smoother image transition. JUSHA professional display guarantees a perfect presentation of 16-bit high grayscale image captured by high-end equipment. Also, it is helpful to diagnose the early lesion of low contrast with normal tissues.


4. Color and grayscale auto-calibration

This technology has obtained a number of domestic and foreign patents. CGA technology can automatically identify each pixel either being a grayscale or color signal: grayscale pixel automatically applies DICOM curve calibration, and color pixel automatically applies GAMMA curve calibration, to ensure that the image displayed all use the correct calibration, achieving a truly multi-function screen.


5. Integrated dual screen

With two windows displayed on the same screen, this technology eliminates the inconsistency between the two screens, due to differences in the screen itself or attenuation after longtime usage. More accurate and consistent images could be displayed.


6. Focus View Spotlight

After the spotlight is enabled, the system will dim the full screen, capture the coordinates of the cursor by software, and highlight the circle area or the rectangular area centered at the cursor to the highest calibrated luminance. This achieves a similar effect of spotlight on stage, highlighting the nidus and assisting diagnosis.


7. Ambient Brightness Adaptation

JUSHA ambient light compensation and correction system can detect the ambient light, and then adjust the display accordingly. This can better suit the observation capability of human eyes, display the image, and could be applied to various luminance environments. The luminance of the display can adapt to working environment, providing great protection for the eyesight of doctors.


8. Dynamic LUT

The monitor uses dynamic LUT. Compared with traditional LUT, DICOM calibration is no longer limited to preset curves. By applying dynamic LUT, we can calibrate the monitor’s luminance and contrast in real time, which guarantees the monitor comply with DICOM standard under all luminance settings.


9. Multi-display configuration

Our professional display supports multi-display configuration. By using DisplayPort connection, multiple displays in a serial installation manner become possible. No more messy cables and wires.


10. Remote quality control system

The quality control system of JUSHA professional display can monitor and control all JUSHA monitors through network remotely. The on-site maintenance of monitors in hospitals may disturb the normal workflow, but the remote quality control system makes it more convenient. JUSHA remote quality control system provides a better experience of remote maintenance and examination service. 


11. Virtual laser pen

The virtual laser pen can simulate the traditional laser pen use like projectors. When this feature is enabled, the system will capture the cursor position, and mark a red circle of 11 pixels radius. The luminance will not be changed, and the color looks like a traditional laser pen.


12. Interactive touch system

Jusha color and grayscale auto-calibration group consultation center possesses large interactive touch screen. With the touchscreen, it can realize plenty of intelligent operations, such as move, zoom in, zoom out, mark, contrast adjust, split screen, rotate, measure, write, draw and etc. Equipped with large screen, the display presents an amazing viewing effect.


13. Multiple video input

Jusha group consultation display has DP, DVI, HDMI, VGA and various input , providing great convenience for video input.


14. Video output

By connecting the Display Port, monitor can output the full screen image to remote displays, making it possible for the synchronization between main meeting room and branch meeting room.


15. Electrical lift

Jusha group consultation display uses electrical lift. By using the remote control, you can change the height of the display to what you wish. This helps meet the requirement of different height for different meeting size, achieving the perfect viewing angle for everyone. Also, it gives great convenience when moving the monitor around.


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