JUSHA Medical in RSNA Festival

2015-12-10 10:08

On November 29, 2015 JUSHA medical made an appearance with high-end products in RSNA 2015, drawing people from all over the world gathering at the JUSHA exhibition hall, its suspension DR and 3D medical professional display attracted attention from others, thus people come at the exhibition in an endless stream. Making full use of the international platform, the annual RSNA, JUSHA medical can communicate in depth with radiologists and experts in other fields from all over the world. Besides, we can show them our advanced technology and latest products.

In recent years, with the development of international business, JUSHA medical’s international profile has been increasing in the world. We will continue to help people get healthy and happy life, continue to devote more investment in R&D, climb the peak of science and technology, use  new technology to constantly develop new products and help doctors relieve patients suffering better and more easily!

Since its foundation in 1915, RSNA was held each year in the Chicago United States, this event is an indicator of medical industry, is also one of the world earliest, the largest and strongest event. It is the event which gathers the international top medical imaging institutions, radiologists and senior professors. Participants come from all over the world and members spread over many countries and regions in the America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

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