2016-01-27 14:11

JUSHA MEDICAL attended 2016 Arab Health successfully from January 25th to 28th.

Arab Health is the largest exhibition in the Middle East. Its exhibited categories are complete and obtained good exhibit effect. The scale, number of exhibitors and visitors of Arab Health have been expanding year by year. The Arab Health has a good reputation in hospitals and medical equipment dealer among Arab countries in the Middle East.

JUSHA MEDICAL(booth number: 7C30) exhibited not only the competitive review monitor, various color and grey scale diagnosis monitors but also self-developed DR system and glasses-free 3D surgical solution,which is a highlight of this exhibition.

JUSHA MEDICAL DR system uses simplified work flow and humanized operation so that the visitors can experience on site. In addition, DR system, combined with medical monitor, makes a good visual experience. Optimized radiation resistant layer and X-ray reduction technique obtained praise from the visitors including doctors,hospital managers and medical device dealers.

Since the first successful clinical cases with glasses-free 3D surgical solution in China, different 3-grade hospitals showed their favor of the combination of glasses-free 3D monitor, mobile equipment operation software and infrared remote-control technology. This debut in Dubai makes our world-class advanced technology in medical imaging field obtain lots of praise from experts all over the world.

During the exhibition, JUSHA Medical attracted experts from all over the world with its self-developed infection control consumbles including cleansers, packing material, sterilization indicators. The unique shark-shaped class 5 chemical indicator and indicating tape with simplified package and refreshing color won constant praise from the visitors
JUSHA MEDICAL gave the visitors a new experience with its high-tech products on this exhibition.


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