JUSHA Medical Successfully Held Product Launch and Partner Sodality in 2016 ECR

2016-03-07 10:57

JUSHA Medical attended ECR 2016 in Austria from March 2 to 6, 2016 successfully.

ECR 2016, one of the most famous exhibitions drawing attention from parties all over the world, is called of the weather vane of medical industry. It has been attracting more and more exhibitors and participators since its establishment in 1967. It has been widely accepted by hospitals and medical equipment distributors that ECR, along with RSNA, is the most famous international congress of Radiology.

On the exhibition booth X4-104, JUSHA’s self-developed products including the world’s first naked-eye 3D endoscopic monitor, DR and infection control products had been in the spotlight and approved by attendees.
The naked-eye 3D endoscopic monitor can present stereoscopic and vivid images without the assistant of any auxiliary equipment. Its outstanding perception and precise image restores natural scene furthest. Besides, its easy operation and wireless remote transmission functions could satisfy different requirements of customers.

The new DR has also gotten favor of participants from European countries and won consistent approval thanks to its simplified work-flow, humanized design, UHD monitor, optimized radiation protection coating and X-ray reduction.

Meanwhile, JUSHA’s one-stop resolution of infection control has also been a highlight in the exhibition. Series of packaging, cleanser and detection won a good reputation.

On the ECR 2016, JUSHA impressed the world of its independent R&D ability. JUSHA Medical has been and will always be committed to benefit mankind with its cutting-edge technologies and services.

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