The 2016 sino-foreign medical information network technology

2016-06-01 15:58

The 2016 sino-foreign medical information network technology exhibition was held in Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center from 27 to 29 May focus on the leading-edge technology. JUSHA, the leader of global digital imaging solution, was invited to attend the exhibition.
JUSHA show a lot of outstanding achievement during the exhibition, including medical image display solution, remote consultation teaching solution, particularly the medical image printing and recording solution. JUSHA is the only brand which make the color grayscale adaptive patent technology (CGA) applied to the professional medical monitor in the world, JUSHA-65T-AIO, 8MP ultra-high resolution grayscale and color auto-calibration group consulting medical monitor, and JUSHA-C61, 6MP high resolution report audit monitor make perfect sense of new standards of professional medical monitor through their proprietary technologies.
JUSHA integrated operating room has achieved the real-time sharing of surgical videos and medical imaging data, full HD surgery broadcast, distance learning and remote consultation through cooperative world of multiple systems, and has fully integrated surrounding surgery information access, cloud storage and multiple security measures, it’s also guarantee the safety of the operation process and the operation data.
Meanwhile, CODONICS multi-media dry film imager, both FDA and CFDA approved can print silver-blue base film and color medical film. Its self-taking film system and recording system can provide more video output solutions for hospital.
The exhibition not only showed the latest healthcare information technology solutions, an also reveal medical information technology trends and the latest technological developments. For more information please look at our public subscription number.

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