Midsummer Rendezvous in Miami --2016FIME

2016-08-11 15:16

 The Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) was held in Miami, Florida on August 2 -4, 2016. The FIME is held annually for 27 years up until now, which is largest professional medical equipment expo in the U.S.

The Jusha Medical’s U.S. branch was invited to attend the FIME. The JUSHA-C62 with dedicated report review screen featuring the world’s first CGA color and grayscale adaptive automatic correction system, the medical endoscopic monitor JUSHA-ES26P, JUSHA infection control series, the world’s first glassless 3D endoscopic monitor debuted in the reputedly cleanest city of the U.S. These state-of-the-art technologies attracted professional a great deal of attention and discussion from America or even the globe

JUSHA-C620 was showcased in Miami. The world's first professional CGA-calibrated display and medical display with QA monitor may monitor in real time the DICOM curve, brightness and contrast ratio to ensure the precise operation of the display.

HiREC-HD medical recording and playback all-in-one machine showed unique dual-way video recording functions, which overcomes the limitations on limited storage space and inability to recognize input resolution of conventional recording and playback machine, so as to really realize the efficient image management in the application of the endoscope, microscope and surgical camera.

Jusha infection control series brings good news for sterilization monitoring at the clean room of hospital.


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