Jusha New Product Appears in MEDICA

2018-11-27 09:16

From November 12 to 15, 2018, the annual “International Medical Devices Exhibition” was held in Dusseldorf, Germany as scheduled. As one of the largest hospitals and medical equipment exhibitions in the world, it attracted exhibitors from nearly 130 countries to demonstrate its irreplaceable influence.

As the world’s leading medical display manufacturer, Jusha Medical continues to present the latest medical display technology and products to the world, and shares continuous achievements in research & development and innovation with customers around the world.

In this exhibition, the latest integrated film reading room and MDT consultation center attracted many international doctors and dealers. The integrated design of Jusha film reading room facilitates the centralized management of the department, and improves the work efficiency. It adopts the environmental light design which meets the international standard in combination with unique ergonomic station, which can not only improve the diagnostic efficiency but also reduce the harm of occupational diseases of doctors. The expansion of screen casting function greatly improves the efficiency of various working modes of radiology department. With its unique CGA, MDT consultation center’s 16BIT grayscale and touchable marking functions have successively achieved success in Britain and other developed countries.

As one of the regions that have early access to medical digital image. European market has a good industrial base and a mature market with developed medical technology. By virtue of MEDICA --- an important international window, Jusha display has presented many new products and brought more innovative ideas to the international market. Jusha will take a more solid step to explore and innovate, so that medical digital image technology serves the public, and life care is close to a wider range of people.

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