Get from society and Give back to the society

2015-11-18 13:22

 ——Wang Wei, chairman of the Jusha Medical, participated in the “Free Training Program of One Thousand Breast X-Ray Diagnosis Doctors" starting ceremony.

East Breast Imaging Summit sponsored by the Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center was held in Shanghai Greenland Convention Center on November 14, 2015. The conference started the “Free Training Program of One Thousand Breast X-Ray Diagnosis Doctors” which was initiated by the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation. The level of X-ray breast imaging diagnostician of China will be improved by launching this program and it can serve the society better.

Mr. Wang Wei, chairman of the Jusha Medical was invited to the launching ceremony, professor Guo Xiaomao, president of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center delivered the welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony, the organizers made special thanks to the Jusha Medical for the great contribution to this free medical welfare activities. The participants including professor Morrise, the chairman of the CSR Society of Breast Imaging, Ms Chang Xiaomeng,director of Wu Jieping Medical Foundation, leader of the Chinese Society of Radiology Breast Imaging Group, professor Luo Yahong, the Chinese Society of Radiology member, deputy director of Chinese Society of Radiology, professor Liu Shiyuan, the Chinese Society of Radiology’s former radiology professor Feng xiaoyuan, director of the members of the committee, the Chinese medical association committee, director of the radiology professor Xu Ke, and other experts in the medical industry, witnessed this event together.

Jusha Medical has long been doing their best to do contributions for the society, with "excellent performance of the company's social obligation" as one of the purposes of the company. At the inception of the company, she has jointly held a " Star of Anti-Cancer Awards“ ceremony, with the provincial Anti-Cancer Association and other departments to fund cancer patients with difficult economic conditions, as well as funding many school children in poor areas and the establishment of Medicaid funds for patients with congenital heart disease in less developed regions.

Jusha Medical will continue to work hard in the medical field and to develop a more convenient and practical high-tech medical product, to make relieving the suffering of patients to the maximum extent as their responsibility, and strive to achieve the Jusha employees’ ultimate goal: working for the cause of human health.

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