Firm Collaboration, Bright Future

2016-04-13 17:08

 ---------JUSHA Medical Assist the Holding of the 7th China Medical Trade Fair
To build the exchange platform for the medical equipment manufacturers and distributors and to strengthen the links between them, the Seventh China Medical Trade Fair (Changchun) was held in New Century Grand Hotel, Changchun City, Jilin Province on 27th March, 2016 by Hangzhou Meimei Technology Co., Ltd and Nanjing JUSHA Display Technology Co., Ltd. More than 60 distributors and manufacturers attended the fair.

Mr. Huang Shilei, the director of VIP clients of Infection Control Products Division, gave a report Working Together, Create New Future. It introduces JUSHA’s new featured products integrated operating rooms and infection control products. JUSHA digital integrated operating room is the perfect combination of purification engineering and digital information. All information of the patients are integrated and perfectly presented in the best way, ensuring high success rate, high efficiency and high security of the operation process and result. It also offers efficient, convenient and real-time solutions for remote teaching, consultation, surgery process guidance and interaction both inside and outside the operating room. Mr. Huang focused on JUSHA independent research and development of cleaning sterile products. InCator autoclave sterilization monitoring series are made of lead-free formulation, which is the first in China. Its application and promotion reduces the possible health threats of lead to medical workers and patients.

The fair makes a great contribution to promote the exchanges and understanding of manufacturers and distributors, and lays a good foundation to further reinforcement of cooperation for them.


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