Jusha Medical held the Third Friendly Competition on Basketball

2016-05-11 14:37

In order to rich the cultural or sporting activities for the staff, fully develop the cooperation spirits between the staff, strengthen the enterprise cohesion and pride, April 25, 2016, Jusha medical the third friendly competition on basketball was held at athletic clubs of Nanhu community.
Every department was actively responding and entered for the competition. At beginning of the competition, players are quick movement into the state; everybody took a heroic posture, vied with each other, and launched a round of the battle of offensively.

The basketball competition, not only enriches the Jusha employee’s amateur life style, but also enhances the friendship among the staff. In the future, the company will continue in a rich cultural and sports life of employees for the purpose of promoting employee health perspective, more and better organized a variety of cultural and sports activities, filling our corporate culture construction.

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