Optimize resources, cultivate teams

2016-07-06 10:06

 In order to improve the course development ability and training ability of its internal trainers and establish an internal standard course system, Jusha organized an ‘Internal Trainer TTT Training Camp’ activity in June 2016. More than 40 internal trainer candidates of the first batch completed the four-day training successfully. As enterprises’ ‘priests’ for knowledge and experience spreading and their ‘bridges’ for enterprise culture inheritance, internal trainers spread knowledge and experience to provide a source of wisdom for the growth of enterprises. Thus, it is now an emphasis of the training work of Jusha to train some professional internal trainers to improve the internal knowledge system. To realize the expected effect, the training was held based on a project system: based on an internal trainer management system, the training was held through five stages, including internal trainer candidate selection, systematic training, practical exercise, training effect exhibition and internal trainer rating, in a bid to train excellent senior and middle internal trainers and establish a standard course system. In the training, Wang Tie Jun, a senior TTT trainer, was invited to provide systematic training contents about course design and development and training skills for our internal trainer candidates. His complete courses, full training contents and flexible training approaches made the training extraordinary. Our internal trainer candidates thought highly of the training because the training air was pleasant and they had learned practical tools and approaches after numerous exercises. After the training, our internal trainers are now full of enthusiasm. It is believed that they will train more excellent employees for Jusha in the upcoming fresh graduate training.

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