Global novel materials competition got a fervent start in Nanjing

2016-07-25 11:14

 Hot Nanjing city, hot game——Global novel materials competition of Nanjing division got a passionate start in negative first floor conference room, Building No.1, Nanjing International Services Outsourcing Mansion.
There were nearly 200 projects declared in Nanjing division and 22 high-tech projects including the Bird's Nest Water nano-filter media, plastic straw novel material(PBM) packaged technology and water treatment membrane with two-component polyurethane adhesives got the promotion through the preliminary selection. Finally, 14 projects get into the finals successfully through the fierce competition with seven minutes limit roadshow.
JUSHA medical obtained the ticket effortlessly for the National Finals rely on the significant project "lead-free high-precision nano-medical sterilization monitoring products" which adopted lead-free nano ink formul
ation, Nano Super hydrophobic coating and other international advanced technologies to provide high accuracy sterilization monitoring products for patient and to provide effective protection on medical personnel.


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