2016 New Year Speech

2016-01-19 15:43

Time flies, 2015 has passed without being noticed. I feel much more pressured every time I stand here when issuing the 5, 10 and 15 years’ service reward to the senior workers, who has stood together and walked through such a long time regardless the situation with Jusha. You’ve had a hard time for such a long way! It only took 5 years for Jusha to transform from a trade company to a global high-tech enterprise including R&D, production and sale. So many days and nights our teams spend creating one and another miracle. Thanks for your sacrifice and effort during the past 5 years.

Every time I stand here, I always ask myself, how long can Jusha live? With the expansion in company scale, increase in employee number, more intense competition in market and slowdown in Chinese GDP, we have much anxiety and pressure. How can Jusha realize a second soar? When I see the white hair appears on our senior management, I talk to myself in my heart; our senior management has stepped into middle-aged from young-aged. But the young generation of Jusha is turning into the nucleus; they are stepping into the middle of the stage, receiving a greater test from the time. They are the nucleus in the future.

We can find some old friends are invited here again. Why I always invite these experts and friends to our year-end activities? Because they are the best witnesses of the growth of Jusha. From tens to hundreds of employee, they kept observing and helping us. Thanks for the company of these old friends, they are not only clients, they are also the firmest supporter during the growth of Jusha. They never deserted us under any conditions. My sincere appreciation again to their long-term help and care.

We did have a tough time in 2015. The competition is extreme intense in medical display market, a large amount competitors swarmed into the market, the popularization of new models is not as expected. We give up being the reseller of imported infection control products, which lead to the regroup of infection control products sales team, loss of tens of millions of business and the serious shrink in the profit of camera and film business. But we sailed against the current and find a new path; we dared to challenge the most famous brand in the European developed countries. We entered Nottingham Hospitals Group, the hospital with the largest scale in Europe (the foreign customers looked at us with unusual eyesight and congratulated us. They never thought a product made in China can enter European top class hospital). In the future, our infection control products will be shown on the international stage, joining the international competition. ‘We will try our best; provide as much convenience as possible for doctors by dint of the latest technological means, thereby relieving patients from pain to the greatest extent!’ We should have great ambition; we should tell ourselves, when meeting obstructions, we should warm and inspire each other, walking on with the confidence of certainly win. We all have a cowish face and evasive mind when marching on a road with all thorns, but we won’t fear, we will hold together and march on as long as we are a team. Even in the darkest and rainfall nights, whatever kind of hard situations ahead, as long as we gather together, call out, ‘forward march!’ Then we will rush forward! The strength of group is enormous; it can drive away the fear of danger and failure. You can walk fast alone, but not too long without a group!

2016 would be a much harder year. Let’s set our teeth, remind ourselves to hold on. The successes all walked to the success in such a reminder. The time before the success is the darkness before dawn. But the darkness gives the explorers bright eyes, by which we feel the light of success and walk on firmly. We will stand on the stage of history and announce to people, ‘we are the best!’ We will let the industries all over the world know, an enterprise from China, an enterprise basing in Nanjing is arising, like the rising sun. We will not only lead the Chinese medical industries, but also light the hope of patients all over the world. No matter they are from Europe, America, Africa or Asia, they will be benefit from Jusha products, our service and technology!

I suggest at the time of New Year’s coming, let’s toast for our dreams, for Jusha dream


Wang Wei


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