JUSHA medical achieved complete success in holding the 21st anniversary of elderly radiologist

2016-10-14 09:28


 The Double Nine Festival is the festival for the elderly. JUSHA medical organised the annual sodality for radiology predecessors of Jiangsu Province two days before the Double Nine Festival in Xinhua Media GDH International Hotel on October 7, 2016. This sodality was kicked off with the chorusjasmineprepared elaborately by JUSHA medical staffs. With the theme "JUSHA▪ Accompany", more than 200 radiology experts and scholars from Jiangsu Province gathered together, honored predecessors, expressed their friendship and planned for the future, enjoying the joyous occasion of "Respecting the elderly and showing the love for the elderly".

Before the dinner, Mr. Lu Guangming who is the director of Radiology Association of Jiangsu Province - Branch of Chinese Medical Association and the Jiangsu Province radiology predecessors Mr. Ding Yi, Li Linsun and Chen Junkun gave speechesrespectively. People together recalled the past memories of  sodality for elderly and radiology communities in twenty-one years, encouraged young people to show respect for the elderly and appreciate the efforts JUSHA made for forwarding the tradition of respecting the elderly. The dinner was interspersed with wonderful song and dance performances and lucky draws, winning the applause of the audience. Even some experts sing while drinking, which made the sodality ended in pleasant atmosphere.            

Sheep have the grace of kneeling milk and cattle have the feelings of licking calves. Respecting and loving the elderly is our traditional virtues since ancient China.  The sodality for elderly has been held for consecutive 20 years before and after the Double Nine Festival by JUSHA medical to carrying forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture so that the retired medical experts and scholars feel the industry's love and warmth.



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