Warm companions with thanksgiving

2016-11-24 13:32

 With the arrival of Thanksgiving, the administrative regulations department and human resources department of JUSHA medical jointly launched a flash campaign, and the "warm companionship, Thanksgiving together" as subject to celebrate it in November 24, 2016. A warm was spread during the first snow of the season via the activity.
At 10:30, with "Thanksgiving Heart" prelude music sounded on time, the flash singer which in their respective positions accordance with the original plan start to sing, and presented flowers to colleagues. So many colleagues were moved, and embraced each other. At the end of the music, the activity culminated in the shouting of "Thank JUSHA, Thank you", accompanied by warm applause. One company which can always maintain vigour should has a heart of gratitude. Both of us left a message of gratitude have in the Thanksgiving tree, and took picture as a keepsake.
We introduced the flash to company via this activities, it not only enrich the cultural life of employees and bring workers closer together, but also make enterprise adapt to thanksgiving, form the common values.
Eventually, the companies and individuals can achieve a win-win outcome.

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